Memorial Hospice Offers Volunteer Training Opportunity

Moore County Memorial Home Health & Hospice

Last Updated on July 13, 2021 – 3:30 PM CDT

Hospice volunteers were a major part of the creation of Memorial Hospice back in 1989. Dedicated and compassionate members of the community recognized the community’s need for hospice services, and by working with the Moore County Hospital District, Memorial Hospice was established.

Volunteers work with a team of professionals including physicians, nurses, clergy, and social workers to bring comfort and support to dying patients and their families. Hospice volunteers recognize that sometimes comfort is found simply in the companionship of a concerned friend, and they often sit with the patients when they are needed most.

Some volunteers began after one of their loved ones received care from Memorial Hospice in their final moments. Witnessing kind people making the final days of one’s life warm, loving, and peaceful inspired them to make a difference as well. Dedicated volunteers spread joy and comfort round the clock, often alongside physicians on staff at Memorial Hospice.

If you are interested in becoming a hospice volunteer, the staff at Memorial Hospice would love to hear from you. Call 806-935-4884 and setup an interview with their volunteer coordinator Ken Shore. Or, visit the Memorial Home Health Hospice website to learn more.

you must be 18 or older to train as a Hospice Volunteer.