JBS Operating at Full Capacity After State COVID-19 Test Results Are Released


Last Updated on June 8, 2020 – 6:23 PM CDT

JBS announced on Monday that the Cactus plant is operating at full capacity and is also hiring both full-time & summer temporary production workers. The news comes after the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) included the JBS COVID-19 test results in their data last week.

Getting to the exact JBS totals is difficult since state health officials will not release the JBS numbers apart from cumulative COVID-19 data for Moore County. The DSHS media relations office did not respond to numerous requests from the Moore County Journal.

Chart image shows Texas DSHS data as reported on June 3, 2020. Source: Texas DSHS

On Wednesday, June 3rd DSHS reported a grand total of 3,294 tests had been performed in Moore County. Almost 2,500 of those tests were conducted since May 29th and are presumably, mostly, JBS tests for Moore County residents. Out of those test results, Moore County added 238 new COVID-19 cases. This shows that around 9.5% of the tests resulted in positive COVID-19 cases.

Since June 3rd, total cases, recoveries, and estimated active cases have remained mostly flat. However, Moore County did record one additional COVID-19 related fatality on June 6th bringing total fatalities to 14 as of June 8th.

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