Drug paraphernalia in your car? Giving consent to search? Not a good decision


Last Updated on May 23, 2016 – 6:12 PM CDT

Dylan Chesshire might be having second thoughts about giving a Dumas police officer consent to search his car. According to a police report, an officer stopped Chesshire for an improper turn Tuesday. He consented to a search, and the officer found a marijuana pipe with marijuana remains in the car’s center console. The officer ticketed Chesshire for paraphernalia and gave him a warning for the improper turn. One ticket out of a possible two isn’t bad.

May 16

  • 400 E. 1st– Accident – Officer was dispatched to Dollar General in reference to an accident in the parking lot. Vehicle backed into another vehicle causing minor damage.
  • 700 Morton – City Ordinance Violation – Officer was dispatched in reference to a junk vehicle. Officer arrived and located a white Dodge Ram with expired registration. Officer spoke with owner and gave them 72 hours to remove the vehicle or get the registration current.
  • 400 N. Dumas – Parking – Dispatched in reference to a parking violation. Upon arrival, officer observed a blue Chevy Cavalier parked on private property. The vehicle was towed by Pack’s Wrecker Service per property owner’s request. Nothing Further
  • 300 Binkley – Accident – Minor accident. A 2010 Nissan Titan was traveling west in the 300 block of E 3rd St. A 1998 Chevy S10 was traveling south in the 200 block of Binkley. The Chevy S10 failed to yield right of way of the Nissan after making a complete stop at a stop sign. The Chevy S10’s FL struck the Nissan’s RP. No injuries.
  • 1800 E. 1st– Accident – Dispatched in reference to a minor accident involving a blue Nissan Titan that fled the scene. Officers investigated the scene, and it was learned that a 2009 Nissan Titan pulled out of the Jasmine Apartments on to 1st St to travel west. The Nissan failed to control speed striking a light pole.
  • 100 Elm – Prowler – Dispatched in reference to a possible prowler in the area. Officers canvassed the area. Unable to locate.
  • 2000 S. Dumas – Possible DWI – Dispatched in reference to a possible intoxicated driver entering the south city limits in a white SUV. Officers located vehicle traveling east on 19th Street and was observed to be swerving within its lane. Traffic stop conducted in the 1600 block of South Maddox, and contact made with driver, who was found to not be intoxicated but merely sleepy.

May 17

  • 1700 S. Dumas Ave. – Disturbance/Narcotics – Officer was dispatched in reference to a domestic disturbance. Officer arrived and made contact with Jacob Breland. Breland refused officers to check for the safety concern of the female in the room. Officer had to remove Breland from the door to gain access. Once in the room, officers located drug paraphernalia, and the female subject, Bertie Barber, resisted arrest. Barber was arrested for resisting arrest and issued a citation for drug paraphernalia, and he was arrested for Interference with Public Duties and issued a citation for drug paraphernalia.
  • 700 S. Bliss – Accident – A blue 2016 Buick Enclave was traveling north and attempted to turn west into the 100 block of East 7th on a green light. A blue 2015 Ford pickup was behind the Buick. The Buick stopped to yield right of way to a southbound vehicle. The Ford followed too closely and struck the Buick from behind. No injuries.

March 18

  • 2003 S. Dumas Ave. – Accident – A gray 2013 Honda Accord backed from a parking space in the parking lot and traveled southeast. A white 2002 Buick Rendezvous backed from a parking space on the south side of the Honda. They both started backing at the same time and collided in the traffic lane. No injuries.
  • 100 S. Maddox – Accident – Dispatched in reference to a motor vehicle accident. Damage was believed to be under $1,000. Blue form was issued. No injuries to report.
  • 600 E. 14th– Juvenile –Dispatched to the above in reference to several tables being stacked on top of each other. Arrived and found two juveniles, who matched the description the complainant had given. They were asked if they had stacked the tables on the east side of the park, they advised they had. Officers then stood by as the juveniles put the tables back in their original locations.
  • 200 Cedar – Prowler – Dispatched in reference to a possible prowler in the area. Officers canvassed the area and were unable to locate.
  • 400 Oak – Public Intoxication/Resisting Arrest – Observed subject on foot in roadway. Officer attempted to check welfare of subject, Dylan Casarez. Casarez stopped walking and began cursing loudly toward officer. Casarez continued to curse while taking off his shirt and throwing it at the officer. Casarez resisted while being taken into custody and was found to be intoxicated and a danger to himself and others. Casarez was taken into custody for Evading Arrest/Detention and Public Intoxication.
  • 2003 S. Dumas Ave. – Theft – Dispatched in reference to a theft. Dispatch advised that the suspect vehicle was a white 2009 GMC truck bearing TX CLM7413 last seen heading north on South Dumas Avenue. The area was canvassed but unable to locate the vehicle.

May 19

  • 2003 S. Dumas – Theft – Dispatched in reference to a criminal trespass. Arrived and discovered that Daren Defries had stolen $41.72 worth of merchandise. He was issued a CTW and a Citation. While on scene another Loss Prevention Officer advised he had a situation outside. Officers assisted him with Lorena Carrillo who attempted to steal a $2 bundle of ribbon. She was issued a CTW.
  • 300 W. 1st– Counterfeiting – Dispatched in reference to counterfeit money. Contact was made with the complainant who advised a Hispanic male purchased food from her restaurant and paid with what she later discovered to be a counterfeit $10 bill. Bill taken to be forwarded to the U.S Secret Service.
  • 900 E. 8th– Accident – Dispatched in reference to a minor vehicle accident. A white Ford Focus failed to control speed, striking a blue Ford pickup. No injuries. Accident report completed.
  • 700 S. Maddox – Accident – Dispatched in reference to an accident with possible injuries. Unit 1, white 2013 Chevy Malibu, failed to control speed and struck Unit 2, gold 1999 Plymouth van, and Unit 3, white 1998 Chrysler van.
  • 400 W. 8th– Traffic/Warrant Service – Made contact with a grey 2006 Pontiac G6 for being Parked Facing Traffic. Warning #086494 issued to the driver. Passenger identified as Tyson Stovall who had an active Moore County Warrant. Tyson was taken into custody and booked into the MCSO Jail without incident.

May 20

  • 100 W. 14th– Traffic/Narcotics – Conducted a traffic stop on a white Dodge for improper turn. Contacted driver and passenger Oscar Ortiz. Ortiz was subsequently found to be in possession of methamphetamine and arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance.
  • 100 E. 10th– Traffic/Narcotics – Officer observed a black Ford Expedition traveling east in the 300 block of E. 10th. Officer observed the driver known by the officer to have a suspended license. While officer was stopping vehicle, the driver switched seats with Mellissa Garcia, the passenger. Officer made contact with Garcia and subsequent investigation revealed her to be in possession of marijuana. She was arrested for possession of marijuana less than 2 ounces and transported to the Moore County Jail, and the male subject was issued a citation for DWLI. Vehicle was released to owner.
  • 507 N. Dumas Ave. – Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle – Dispatched to the above location in reference to a stolen vehicle. Officer arrived on scene and found that unknown person(s) had cut the master lock off the back gate and stole a 2003 Maroon Chevrolet 1500 pickup (TX-24D4085). The vehicle was entered into NCIC/TCIC as stolen.

May 21

  • 800 N. Dumas – Reckless Driver/Alcohol – Dispatched in reference to a reckless driver. Located vehicle leaving Love’s. Observed gray 2003 Chevy Tahoe 100 NE 8th disregard stop sign. Traffic stop initiated. Contact made with driver who identified himself as Ayok Ayok. Officers observed several open containers. Both driver and passenger, Pioth Majok, were removed. Located OK ID belonging to driver showing name as Nyuol Arop. Driver arrested for Fail to ID/No DL. Passenger arrested for Public Intoxication. Citation issued to Nyuol for Disregard Stop Sign/ Open container. Citation issued to Pioth for Open Container. Vehicle towed to Pack’s.
  • East 1st and Maddox – DWI/Evading Arrest – Officer was dispatched to East 1st and Maddox in reference to a reckless driver. Officer did locate the vehicle, a blue GMC pickup, crossing the intersection at 1st and Dumas. Officer did attempt to stop the vehicle but the driver, Gregory Coker, continued west out of the city at a high rate of speed. Coker later did pull over approximately 10 mile west of Dumas. Coker also was found to be intoxicated, was arrest and booked in to the Moore County Jail for DWI 2nd and Evading arrest/detention in a vehicle.

May 22

  • 100 Cherry – Driving While License Invalid – Conducted a traffic stop on known subject (Jerry Rodriguez). Officer knew that Rodriguez had an invalid license and saw him operating a motor vehicle. Rodriguez was arrested and booked into Moore County Jail for DWLI W/ Previous conviction.
  • 2010 S. Dumas – Disturbance – Officer was dispatched to the Hampton Inn No. 212 in reference to a verbal argument. Officer arrived and made contact with both parties, and they were just arguing about work. Everything was OK and both parties went to sleep.
  • 208 N. Dumas Ave. – Public Intoxication – Dispatched in reference to a person passed out in his vehicle with vehicle running. Arrived on scene and found subject to be intoxicated. Subject was arrested for public intoxication.
  • 1000 N. Maddox – Narcotics – Officers conducted a traffic stop on a grey Mazda. Officers had received information that a wanted subject would be in the vehicle. Contacted driver Ricky Lucero. A pistol was in plain view, and Lucero was arrested. Located in his door was a bag of methamphetamine. Ricky was arrested for on view and booked at the Moore County Jail.