Municipal court releases names on warrant roundup


Last Updated on October 5, 2015 – 4:46 PM CDT

Editor’s Note: This report has been updated to include the warrant list in alphabetical order.

The Dumas Police Department will begin a warrant roundup Thursday, and the Dumas Municipal Court has released the names of the 1,019 people who have outstanding warrants.

An amnesty program is available for people who have never made payment arrangements, and it will save them from having to pay the failure to appear costs. They will have to pay the fine and court costs for the original ticket, along with the warrant fee, but the failure to appear fee will be dismissed.

People who want to make payment arrangements must pay the fine and court costs for the original ticket, the warrant fee and the failure to appear fee.

Those people on the warrant list can call the Dumas Municipal Court at 806-935-3998 or go to 124 E. 7th St. in Dumas to pay their fees or make arrangements to pay them.

To view the Warrant Roundup in alphabetical order, click on the link below.

Dumas Municipal Warrant List