Moore County Hospital District (MCHD) announced on Facebook and on its website that Coronavirus tests have been performed and those tests have come back negative. The number of tests performed or the hospital’s current testing capacity has not been released at this time.


MCHD officials say: “Just a reminder and update that there are still NO confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Moore County. Tests that have been done have come back negative. Please continue to remain calm and practice elevated hand washing, disinfecting, social distancing, and please stay home if you are ill.”

The Moore County Office of Emergency Management (MCOEM) said Wednesday that local leaders met on March 17th to discuss a plan for the COVID-19 outbreak. The group urged people not to panic.

The group developed a chart that outlines specific steps that should be taken depending on the current situation. The chart outlines these situations in 4 distinct levels. The level on Wednesday morning was level 2 which states zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 exist in Moore County and within 100 miles of Moore County. Level 2 outlines several steps that should be taken at this time.

Level 2 guidelines issued by the Moore County Office of Emergency Management on March 18, 2020 – Source Moore County Office of Emergency Management

According to an article published in the Moore County News-Press Dumas Mayor Bob Brinkmann released the following statement: “To the citizens, you need to know that we are doing everything in our power to make sure we keep our community as safe as possible. We are working with the state, federal, and other organizations in the community to have a cohesive, unified plan of attack against this virus, were it to come to Dumas. I don’t believe this is the time to panic. It is a serious illness that affects especially some of the weakest among us, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems, and it is not something to be taken lightly, and we definitely aren’t in our community. But on the other hand, Dumas and Texas, we have been very resilient. We are strong, courageous people. We have overcome a lot of things in our past, and we will overcome this, and we will be stronger when this is over.… We have each other’s back; this is the time we work together. Use common sense precautions.”

Below is the full release from MCOEM: 03/18/2020
Local leaders of Dumas, Cactus, Sunray, Moore County, Dumas Independent School District, Sunray Independent School District and Moore County Hospital District met at the Emergency Operations Center on March 17th to discuss a plan for the COVID-19 outbreak.

The most important thing the group decided to relay to the public is that there is no need to panic. There are no confirmed cases at this time in Moore County.

The group did develop an Emergency Level Chart that will be used by the Cities of Cactus, Dumas, Sunray and Moore County. The School Districts and hospitals have their own that they will follow.

At this time, we are on Level 2. That means we have no confirmed cases within 100 Miles of Moore County. We are recommending you cancel all gatherings of 50 people or more, you restrict travel to high-risk areas, you practice social distancing, you use enhanced hygiene practices and you ensure a reasonable amount of household supplies.

We are in the process of working with some volunteer organizations to assist with helping the high-risk population with their necessities (groceries and prescriptions). There will be more to follow on this on a future date.

We do want to remind the citizens of Moore County to watch out for scammers. When a disaster strikes it seems to open the door for people to try and take advantage of you. If you have an unsolicited person come to your door do not be afraid to ask to see their city permit to be going door to door, if they do not have one notify your local police department and do not continue any discussions with them.

Your local elected and appointed officials are working hard to protect you and ensure everyone in Moore County is safe. We will continue to monitor the situation and implement precautions as the need arises to keep the citizens of Moore County safe during this disaster.