Family shows support, surprises Dumas police officers with pizza


Last Updated on September 7, 2015 – 8:27 PM CDT

Above: Andrea Messick and her parents, Gene and Penny Messick, surprised Dumas police officers with 10 pizzas donated by Domino’s Pizza on Monday. The Messicks said they wanted to show their support for what the officers do. From left, Officer Jeremy Luetkahans, Officer Tommy Gonzales, Deacon Messick, Gene Messick, Andrea Messick, Officer Max White, Officer Anthony Gonzales, Officer Edwardo Garza. (Steve Ramos/Moore County Journal.)

Andrea Messick was a little emotional when she explained why she was delivering 10 pizzas and a box of goody bags to the Dumas Police Department on Monday. Accompanied by her father, Gene Messick, and her mother, Penny Messick, Andrea said she wanted to do something that would show the Dumas police officers there are people in the community who appreciate them.

“My brother-in-law is a detective with the Lubbock Police Department, and I just have a big place in my heart for law enforcement officers,” Andrea said in a voice full of emotion. “We wanted to show our appreciation for them because not enough people do.”

Andrea said she called Domino’s Pizza and asked them if they would be willing to donate pizza to give to the officers. They said yes, and Andrea picked up 10 of them Monday afternoon, just in time for the six o’clock shift change at the police department. She also delivered 25 bags, each with a thank-you card, candy and cookies she had baked.

“We appreciate this kind of support,” DPD Officer Jeremy Luetkahans said. “We’ve been seeing more and more of it lately.”

In the days after several law enforcement officers have been ambushed in Texas and Arizona, more civilians have shown their support by stopping to keep an eye out while the officers pump gas. Others are asking for divine protection for the officers.

“I made a traffic stop, and the person prayed for me,” said DPD Officer Edwardo Garza.

The officers didn’t know Andrea was showing up with the pizza, and it might have trumped some of their dinner plans.

“I brought a healthy lunch to work today, but this is way better,” DPD Officer Max White said.

Andrea Messick holds one of the 25 goody bags she delivered to the Dumas police station Monday. Messick also took 10 pizzas donated by Domino’s Pizza to show support for the Dumas police officers. Messick’s brother-in-law is a detective with the Lubbock Police Department.
Dumas Police Officer Max White sticks a badge on Deacon Messick’s shirt. His mother, Andrea Messick, took 10 pizzas to the police station, along with a box of goody bags to show support for the Dumas police officers.
Gene Messick, left, and Andrea Messick get ready to unload the 10 pizzas Monday donated by Domino’s Pizza to show support for the Dumas Police Department.