Workmanship of Moore County Youth on Display at Recent Stock Show

Paige Smith won two first place, a medium weight champion, a heavy weight reserve champion, reserve grand champion overall and a showmanship buckle her first year as a senior showman.

Last Updated on January 21, 2020 – 8:25 AM CST

The Moore County Stock Show took place on Thursday January 9th at the Moore County Community Building and included hundreds of local participants. We asked Kaden Viner, a local student, to write about the show from his perspective. Below is his article as well as the full 2020 Stock Show results.

By Kaden Viner, Moore County Student January 9, 2020

Emilee Smith (left) with her sister Paige who won two first place, a medium weight champion, a heavy weight reserve champion, reserve grand champion overall and a showmanship buckle her first year as a senior showman. | Photo Credit: Tanya Smith

A community stock show brings these hard-working students from grades four through twelve into one ring to show off their project animals. These FFA and 4-H members of Moore County have put uncountable early morning hours and late evenings into the specific care of these animals to show their projects to a subjective judge in hopes to take that envied Grand Champion belt buckle home.

In the months spent with their animals, these kids grow attached to the projects like a pet. From feeding and walking to bathing and sheering, knowing that the end will be to say goodbye as the animals load the truck. All the time and effort that has been put into their projects for just a few minutes in the show ring is all it takes to make it all worthwhile.

After the county stock show is over, members of the community come together for a steak dinner and to donate to make it all possible.

2020 Moore County Stock Show Results

Exhibitor NameDivisionBreedClassPlaceDivision PlacingSpecial PlacingShowmanship
Lauren VanDykDairy HeifersJersey011Reserve Grand Champion  
Ryan PittsDairy HeifersJersey012   
Tanner VanDykDairy HeifersJersey021Grand Champion  
Lauren VanDykDairy HeifersJersey022   
Luis EscapitaDairy HeifersJersey023   
Kennon WalkerGoatsLight Weight11   
Edgar GallegosGoatsLight Weight12   
Madison CoxsonGoatsLight Weight13   
Adam AmayaGoatsLight Weight14   
Jynna GravesGoatsLight Weight21 Lightweight DivisionJr Showmanship
Riley HatawayGoatsLight Weight22   
Claudia GallegosGoatsLight Weight23   
Cesar MejiaGoatsLight Weight24   
Eric MendozaGoatsLight Weight31 Lightweight Reserve Division 
Kolin FloydGoatsLight Weight32   
Bentlee McKayGoatsLight Weight33   
Valeria MendozaGoatsMedium Weight41   
Cesar MejiaGoatsMedium Weight42   
Adamariz MendozaGoatsMedium Weight43   
Wesley FloydGoatsMedium Weight51   
Vicente GallegosGoatsMedium Weight52   
Paige AlexanderGoatsMedium Weight53   
Brody PurswellGoatsMedium Weight54   
Blakelee SladekGoatsMedium Weight55   
Paige SmithGoatsMedium Weight61Reserve Grand ChampionMedium weight divisionSr Showmanship
Gracie DanielGoatsMedium Weight62 Medium weight reserve division 
Wesley FloydGoatsMedium Weight63   
Rylee McKayGoatsMedium Weight64   
Paige SmithGoatsHeavy Weight71 Heavy Weight Reserve Division 
Kolin FloydGoatsHeavy Weight72   
Hope CastilloGoatsHeavy Weight73   
Gracie DanielGoatsHeavy Weight81Grand ChampionHeavy Weight Division 
Samuel MendozaGoatsHeavy Weight82   
Tyler CoxsonGoatsHeavy Weight83   
Braylen CookGoatsHeavy Weight84   
Dominik DominguezGoatsHeavy Weight85   
Jynna GravesGoatsHeavy Weight91   
Eric MendozaGoatsHeavy Weight92   
Cesar MejiaGoatsHeavy Weight93   
Brody SimnacherGoatsHeavy Weight94   
Raylee WoodwardHeifers-Beef CattleShorthorn11   
Raynee SchacherHeifers-Beef CattleHereford21Reserve Grand Champion  
Maycee WoodwardHeifers-Beef CattleShorthorn22   
Raylee WoodwardHeifers-Beef CattleShorthorn23   
Rylee SchacherHeifers-Beef CattleHereford31Grand Champion  
Gracie DanielHeifers-Beef CattleHereford32   
Maycee WoodwardHeifers-Beef CattleHereford33   
Rylee McKayLambsDorper011 Breed Champion 
Bentlee McKayLambsDorper012 Res Breed Champion 
Bentlee McKayLambsDorper013   
Macey PhilleyLambsMedium Wool021   
Kenzie LodholmLambsMedium Wool022   
Eric MendozaLambsMedium Wool023   
Christopher MorrisLambsMedium Wool024   
Kenzie LodholmLambsMedium Wool031Reserve Grand ChampionRes Breed ChampionSr Showmanship
Emma MorrisLambsMedium Wool032   
Rylee McKayLambsMedium Wool033   
Eric MendozaLambsMedium Wool034   
Cooper HokansonLambsMedium Wool041Grand ChampionBreed Champion 
Emma MorrisLambsMedium Wool042   
Braxton LodholmLambsMedium Wool043   
Valeria MendozaLambsMedium Wool044   
Madison LodholmLambsMedium Wool045  Jr Showmanship
Morgan OverstreetLambsMedium Wool046   
Emma MorrisLambsMedium Wool051   
Christopher MorrisLambsMedium Wool052   
Christopher MorrisLambsMedium Wool053   
Morgan OverstreetLambsMedium Wool054   
Gracie DanielLambsMedium Wool055   
Kyle StroebelSteers-Beef CattleEnglish11 Breed ChampionSr Showmanship
Socorro RodriguezSteers-Beef CattleEnglish12 Res Breed Champion 
Rylee SchacherSteers-Beef CattleExotic/European21   
Juan MoralesSteers-Beef CattleExotic/European22   
Rylee SchacherSteers-Beef CattleExotic/European31Grand ChampionBreed ChampionJr Showmanship
Raynee SchacherSteers-Beef CattleExotic/European32Reserve Grand ChampionRes Breed Champion 
Rylee JonesSwineBerk011   
Tate DeBordSwineBerk012   
Cody JohnsonSwineBerk013   
Brayson HutchesSwineBerk014   
Kayson BengeSwineBerk015   
Connor CrownoverSwineBerk021 Res Breed Champion 
Nathaniel CumminsSwineBerk022   
Katie SimnacherSwineBerk023   
Jeremiah RiveraSwineBerk024   
Cash McCurleySwineBerk025   
Bradly HudsonSwineBerk026   
Jolee JonesSwineBerk031 Breed Champion 
Addie GuestSwineBerk032   
Rayce ThornburgSwineBerk033   
Mahayla MorrisSwineBerk034   
Taylor TidwellSwineBerk035   
Gissele DiazSwineBerk036   
Enya DiazSwineBerk037   
Cody JohnsonSwineBerk041   
Caleb StovallSwineBerk042   
Revin WaggonerSwineBerk043   
Brenli CurboSwineBerk044   
Melanie HarrisonSwineBerk045   
Keelyn GuestSwineBerk046   
Gracie DanielSwineChester051 Breed Champion 
Rylee McKaySwineChester052   
Carson DamronSwineChester053   
Darcy ChairezSwineChester054   
Darcy ChairezSwineChester055   
Gracie DanielSwineChester061 Res Breed Champion 
Rylee DeBordSwineChester062   
Jeremiah RiveraSwineChester063   
Adlai ChairezSwineChester064   
Grayson McCurleySwineChester065   
Jaylee MedranoSwineChester066   
Samuel DeLaRosaSwineChester071   
Mia CampbellSwineChester072   
Aaron VallesSwineChester073   
Julius SolanoSwineChester074   
Keaton HutchersonSwineChester075   
Gracie DanielSwineDuroc081 Breed Champion 
Jolee JonesSwineDuroc082 Res Breed Champion 
Sarah StovallSwineDuroc083   
Ethan BlantonSwineDuroc084   
Rayleigh ThornburgSwineDuroc085   
Kayson BengeSwineDuroc086   
Breygan BlueSwineDuroc087   
Darren SykesSwineDuroc091   
Lauren LongSwineDuroc092   
Jayden RitchieSwineDuroc093   
Paden RiceSwineDuroc094   
Landry McCrackenSwineDuroc095   
Liam AndersonSwineDuroc096   
Grayson McCurleySwineDuroc101   
Docia ChairezSwineDuroc102   
Jaylee MedranoSwineDuroc103   
Taylor TidwellSwineDuroc104   
Bryson McDowellSwineDuroc105   
Zavian CampbellSwineDuroc106   
Emma JonesSwineDuroc111   
Grayson McCurleySwineDuroc112   
Elijah GaytanSwineDuroc113   
Camden WilliamsonSwineDuroc114   
Trenton VoelkerSwineDuroc115   
Jolee JonesSwineHampshire121   
Socorro RodriguezSwineHampshire122   
Reidyn FarrowSwineHampshire123  Jr Showmanship
Rylee DeBordSwineHampshire124   
Carson DamronSwineHampshire125   
Raynee SchacherSwineHampshire131 Breed Champion 
Camden HokansonSwineHampshire132 Res Breed Champion 
Emery DamronSwineHampshire133   
Brenli CurboSwineHampshire134   
Carson DamronSwineHampshire135   
Ana RiveraSwineHampshire136   
Brodie McCrackenSwineHampshire137   
Connor CrownoverSwineHampshire141   
Lauren LongSwineHampshire142   
Darren SykesSwineHampshire143   
Case FrieseSwineHampshire144   
Caleb StovallSwineHampshire145   
Taylor TidwellSwineLandrace151 Breed Champion 
Nicholas ElznerSwineLandrace152 Res Breed Champion 
Addison CrossSwineLandrace153   
Devan RunningSwineLandrace154   
Brayson HutchesSwineLandrace155   
Brooke BrownSwinePoland161 Res Breed Champion 
Jayden RitchieSwinePoland162   
Samuel DeLaRosaSwinePoland163   
Maricruz NavarezSwinePoland164   
Aukazia OrtegaSwinePoland165   
Brooke BrownSwinePoland171 Breed Champion 
Kyler WilsonSwinePoland172   
Preston WilliamsonSwinePoland173   
Raigan VoldenSwinePoland174   
Hector PandoSwinePoland175   
Cayman IvinsSwinePoland181   
Jackson AlexanderSwinePoland182   
Rylee JonesSwinePoland183   
Landon SimnacherSwinePoland184   
Braylen CookSwinePoland185   
Blaize BrownSwineSpot191 Res Breed Champion 
Connor CrownoverSwineSpot192   
Vicente GallegosSwineSpot193   
Easton MillerSwineSpot194   
Revin WaggonerSwineSpot195   
Case FrieseSwineSpot196   
Reidyn FarrowSwineSpot201   
Jeremiah RiveraSwineSpot202   
Raigan VoldenSwineSpot203   
Adilynn FarniSwineSpot204   
Trenton VoelkerSwineSpot205   
Brayson HutchesSwineSpot206   
Blaize BrownSwineSpot211 Breed Champion 
Emma JonesSwineSpot212   
Ethan BlantonSwineSpot213   
Alfredo FigueroaSwineSpot214   
Jose RaminezSwineSpot215   
Addie GuestSwineSpot221   
Addie GuestSwineSpot222   
Sarah StovallSwineSpot223   
Keelyn GuestSwineSpot224   
Keelyn GuestSwineSpot225   
Rylee SchacherSwineYork231Grand ChampionBreed Champion 
Raynee SchacherSwineYork232 Res Breed Champion 
Raden HuggenbergerSwineYork233   
Liam AndersonSwineYork234   
Aukazia OrtegaSwineYork235   
Cayman IvinsSwineYork241   
Rayleigh ThornburgSwineYork242   
Easton MillerSwineYork243   
Raden HuggenbergerSwineYork244   
Nicholas ElznerSwineYork245   
Reidyn FarrowSwineCross251   
Julius SolanoSwineCross252   
Adlai ChairezSwineCross253   
Alondra QuirozSwineCross254   
Gabriela MarquezSwineCross255   
Audree WilsonSwineCross256   
Lane SnellerSwineCross257   
Monique CruzSwineCross258   
Rylee SchacherSwineCross261 Res Breed Champion 
Cash McCurleySwineCross262   
Camden HokansonSwineCross263   
Nathaniel CumminsSwineCross263   
Cash McCurleySwineCross265   
Emery DamronSwineCross266   
Caleb StovallSwineCross267   
Adilynn FarniSwineCross268   
Emma JonesSwineCross271   
Socorro RodriguezSwineCross272   
Camden HokansonSwineCross273   
Melanie HarrisonSwineCross274   
Rylee JonesSwineCross275   
Darcy ChairezSwineCross276   
Rhylee JollySwineCross277   
Bella KiskadenSwineCross278   
Yalissa ReyesSwineCross279   
Rylee SchacherSwineCross281Reserve Grand ChampionBreed Champion 
Emery DamronSwineCross282   
Adlai ChairezSwineCross283   
Cayman IvinsSwineCross284   
Charles SauerSwineCross285   
Savanna FrieseSwineCross286   
Cooper SykesSwineCross287   
Docia ChairezSwineCross288   
Socorro RodriguezSwineCross291  Sr Showmanship
Raynee SchacherSwineCross292   
Sarah StovallSwineCross293   
Raden HuggenbergerSwineCross294   
Ethan BlantonSwineCross295   
Jacqueline MendozaSwineCross296   
Lydia TateSwineCross297   
Braylen CookSwineCross298