Wanna move like Beyonce? AC has a class for you


Last Updated on October 14, 2015 – 10:14 PM CDT

Above: Laverne Young will teach a six-week hip hop dance class at AC that begins Oct. 19. The class will include reggae and other trendy dance moves. (Steve Ramos/Moore County Journal)

Don’t lie. You’ve been doing it front of mirror, but now you have a chance to learn it from an expert. Beginning Oct. 19, Amarillo College Moore County Campus will offer a six-week dance class in hip hop, reggae, body roll, whip nae nae and other gyrating moves. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to move like Beyonce on her best day.

Laverne Young, the instructor, said she’s been dancing since she was a small girl, and when one of AC’s administrators saw a Facebook video of Laverne and her daughter dancing, she had an idea.

“I’ve known Laverne for years, and when I saw her dancing in the video, I thought I want to learn how to do that,” said Danielle Arias, AC Assistant Director for Continuing Education. “Then I thought I bet there are a lot of people in the community who would want to learn how to do it, too.”

Young graduated from AC’s LVN program and has lived in Dumas for five years. She didn’t hesitate when Arias asked her if she would teach a dance class.

“I love dancing,” Young said. “My dream is to have a dance studio. This class is going to be all about having fun, and it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t know how to dance. We’ll be going through all the moves.”

The class is one of AC’s personal enrichment classes and has a $41 enrollment fee, and Young says everyone can get something out of it.

“Dancing is my workout,” Young said. “I can do it for hours. When I go to the clubs with friends, they tell me sit down. Why would I want to sit down? Dancing keeps me happy.”

All that’s required for the class is comfortable clothes, such as something you’d work out in. Young will begin with basic hip hop but says by the end of the course, students will have moves worthy of a YouTube video.

AC will offer two more dance classes in the spring, so if you want to fine tune your twerking skills, there’s more opportunity to do it.

“I’m excited about this class,” Arias said. “It’s trendy, so it’s going to appeal to a lot of people. It doesn’t matter what your age is, dancing transcends generations. Madonna is still moving like she did 30 years ago. Let your inhibitions go and get in this class!”

You can register at any AC campus and while you’re encouraged to enroll before Oct. 9, registration will continue until the first day of class.


WHAT: Hip hop dance class with reggae and African moves

WHEN: Begins Oct. 19, lasts six weeks

WHERE: AC’s Moore County Career and Technical Training Center

TIME: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

HOW: Register at any AC campus or click on this link to register online

COST: $41

For an idea of what the class will be like, watch Beyonce’s video below. Yup, those are some of the moves Young will teach.


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