Two men assaulted, forced into trunk of car


Last Updated on June 9, 2015 – 9:35 PM CDT

Dumas police are looking for suspects who assaulted two men in the 1100 block of Binkley Avenue on June 1. According to the Dumas Police Department, the male suspects then took the victims’ wallets and cell phones and forced them into the trunk of a car.

“We’re hindered by communication issues in this investigation,” Dumas Police Chief Jim Nelson said. “The victims are Burmese, and we’ve had to speak to them through interpreters. We’ve shown them several photo lineups to help identify the suspects.”

The police report said the victims were dropped off in the country, and they sustained minor injuries. Nelson said his department’s investigation has uncovered more information about the incident but isn’t releasing any further information while the case is under investigation.

The Dumas Police Department also reported the following:

June 1

  • 815 S. Bliss Ave. Warrant Service. Omar Delgado was arrested for several municipal warrants and booked into the Moore County Jail.
  • 200 block W. 2nd Disturbance. Officers responded to a domestic disturbance. Investigation revealed it was verbal only.
  • 900 block E. 14th Accident. Officer dispatched to above location in reference to a minor accident. Investigation revealed Unit 1 backed without safety striking Unit 2 causing damage. There were no injuries.
  • 600 block E. 14th Reckless Driving. Dispatch to the above area in reference to two vehicles driving recklessly. Description provided was a black Dodge pickup/ flat bed and a blue Dodge pickup. Officer located two vehicle matching the description provided, stationary in the north side of the parking lot. Officers spoke with all parties and were advised to stop.

June 2

  • 500 block S. Dumas Ave. Warrant Service. Dispatched to the Moore County Juvenile Probation Office in reference to a wanted subject. Contact made with Elizar Granado. Moore County warrant for Fail to Identify Giving False/Fictitious Info confirmed. Granado was arrested and booked into the Moore County Jail.
  • 800 block N.E. 4th Warrant Service. Dispatched to the above location in reference to a wanted subject. Contact made with Ernesto Ortiz. Moore County warrant for DWI 3rd or more confirmed. Ortiz arrested and booked into the Moore County Jail.
  • 900 block Twichell Ave. Burglary of a Habitation. An investigation of a burglary of a habitation revealed sometime between10 a.m. and 2:40 p.m., unknown person(s) forced entry into the complainant’s home. The suspect(s) stole a 42-inch Hisense television, a PlayStation 3, a BluRay DVD and the television stand the TV was mounted to. Under investigation.
  • 100 block E. 7th Scam. Officer dispatched in reference to possible identity theft. Officer spoke with the complainants who advised an unknown person called them from Maine informing them there were charges being brought against one of the complainants from back in 2001 for fraud regarding two credit cards. Initial investigation disclosed that this is a scam, and there have been numerous other people contacted by the same phone number provided. No offense established.
  • 1400 block Bailey Ave. Possession of a Controlled Substance. Officer was patrolling area and observed a blue GMC Sierra with three subjects inside traveling west on Bailey. Officer ran tags on MDT, and the vehicle had expired registration. Officer conducted a traffic stop for the violation. After making contact with the driver and passengers, it was determined the vehicle had no insurance as well. Officer informed the driver the vehicle was going to be towed. While performing a pat down of the subjects for weapons, officers found Daniel Zamora to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine. The passengers were released, and the vehicle was towed. Daniel Zamora was arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance PG 1 < 1G and booked into the Moore County Jail without incident and also issued a citation for the Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.
  • 700 block Beard Ave. Disturbance. Officers responded to a disturbance call and found two female subjects yelling at each other over personal issues and property. Subjects were separated and released.
  • 1800 block S. Dumas Ave. Disturbance. Dispatch in reference to loud noises coming from a room. Officer checked the area and made contact with a tenant in room 155. Tenant was advised to turn down his TV. Nothing further.


June 3

  • 700 1st Operate ATV on Roadway. Dispatched in reference to kids riding a four-wheeler. Contact made with the kids and their mother who were advised four-wheelers were not permitted on city streets.
  • 100 block S. Bliss Ave. Public Intoxication. Officers received a report of an intoxicated subject. After making contact, it was determined that although he had been drinking he was not a danger to himself or others and was released.
  • 300 block E. 19th Dispatched in reference to a minor accident. Made contact with the complainant who advised she noticed two dents to her car that she hadn’t noticed several days before. The complainant did not know where or when the accident occurred. She was issued a blue form.

June 4

  • 1400 block S. Bliss Ave. Disturbance. Officers dispatched to a disturbance. Investigation revealed a male and female subject had been engaged in a verbal only argument. The male subject had already left the residence.
  • 1600 block Binkley Ave. Criminal Mischief. Dispatched in reference vandalism to vehicle. Contact made with the complainant who stated her boyfriend broke the headlight and driver side mirror on her black 2007 Dodge Nitro. The complainant did not wish to pursue charges for the damage.
  • 300 block N. Maddox Ave. Traffic. Initiated traffic stop on a red Chevy Impala the officer had prior knowledge of having a fictitious license plate. Made contact with the driver and passenger, who could not produce any paperwork or proof of insurance for the vehicle. The vehicle was towed, and the driver was issued a citation for fictitious license plate and no proof of insurance.
  • 400 block Zauk Ave. Warrant Service. Dispatched to a residence in reference to a disturbance. Made contact with Lorahamah Olivas who was found to have a warrant. She was arrested and booked into the Moore County Jail.
  • 300 block Cedar Ave. Found Property. Officers were flagged down and given a small blue child’s bicycle that was found.
  • 124 E. 7th Warrant Service. Contact was made with Jason Kingham, who was found to have DMC warrant # 66023CP. Kingham was arrested without incident.
  • 500 block 2nd St. Burglary of a Habitation. Dispatched in reference to a burglary of a habitation. Contact was made with the complainant who advised that sometime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., unknown subject(s) entered her residence and stole four plants, which she valued at $60 each, which were located in the living room of her residence. Complainant said she had been through her property and was sure that the only thing missing from her residence were the plants.

June 5

  • 1615 E. 7th St. Structure Fire. Dispatched to the above location in reference to a structure fire. Upon arrival contact was made with resident of the apartment who advised that smoke was entering her apartment and she believed it to be coming from the apartment next door. Officers were unable to make contact with anyone at the apartment and were forced to kick the door open to assure that the apartment was empty. Firefighters arrived on scene a few minutes later and determined the cause of the smoke was a pot of water that had been left on the stove. Contact was later made with the apartment renter, who advised that she had left the pot on the stove while she went to the store.
  • 500 block Belmont Ave. Disturbance. Dispatched to the above location in reference to a domestic disturbance. Contact was made with the complainant who advised she had been in a domestic disturbance with her husband. Everything was OK. The male subject had left the residence for the night.
  • 200 block Oak Ave. Theft. An investigation of a theft revealed sometime between June 1 and June 4, unknown person(s) entered the complainant’s backyard and stole a GE brand window A/C unit out of her kitchen window.
  • 100 block W. 1st Accident. A black 2014 Ford Fusion was westbound in the 100 block of W. 1st St. A black 2012 Chrysler Town & Country was southbound in the 100 block of W. 1st St., pulling out of a private drive. The black Chrysler failed to yield right of way and struck the black Ford causing damage. No injuries.
  • 200 block N. Dumas Ave. DWLI. Traffic stop for expired registration. Driver Eddy Blackwell was found to have an invalid driver’s license with previous convictions. Blackwell was arrested and booked into Moore County Jail for DWLI w/priors, and a warning was issued for the initial violation.
  • 100 block E. 14th  St. Reckless Driver. Dispatched in reference to a black Charger driving recklessly on 14th St. The area was canvassed but was unable to locate any vehicle matching the given description.
  • 600 blockMiller Ave. Officers responded to a report of a pit bulldog attempting to bite a mail carrier. Upon arrival officers recognized the dog as having previously been determined a dangerous dog by Animal Control. The owner of the dog was found to be noncompliant with the terms of the dangerous dog ordinance. The owner refused to surrender the dog to animal control. A seizure warrant was obtained, and officers then took the dog and impounded it until a court date is set.
  • 200 block W. 9th Disorderly Conduct. Officers dispatched to a fight in progress. Upon arrival officers made contact with three female subjects engaged in a fight. The subjects were separated and released.
  • 100 block N. Maddox Ave. Warrant Service. Traffic stop for no seat belt. Subject Natalie Carroll Lanham was found to have an outstanding Potter County warrant. Subject arrested and booked into the Moore County Jail.
  • 2003 S. Dumas Ave. Criminal Trespass. Officers dispatched on a subject on the property with a current trespassing warning. Officers contacted the subject who tried to lie about his name and then resisted officers. The subject was detained for Criminal Trespassing, Resisting Arrest, False ID as a fugitive and two outstanding warrants and booked into the Moore County Jail.

June 6

  • 700 block 1st Burglary of a Habitation. Dispatched in reference to burglary of a residence, not in progress. Arrived and made contact with the complainant, who advised that at an unknown time between 8 p.m. and 12:30 am, unknown subjects had entered her residence and taken her TV, Nintendo Wii, Wii games and controllers, iPad and several pieces of jewelry. Under investigation.
  • 500 block N. Maddox Ave. Suspicious Vehicle. Officer checked a 1985 Chevy pickup that had left a residence in the 400 block of Oak, which is a Close Patrolled residence. Contact was made with Jeremy Figueredo and Gari Latimer. A standard license and warrant check was conducted, and it was learned that both parties had active warrants. The registration on the vehicle had been expired as of January 2015. Officer inventoried the vehicle and located several items of drug paraphernalia. Both parties were arrested and transported to Moore County Jail. Figueredo was booked in for a warrant out of Gray County, DWLI W/ Previous Convictions, and for Drug Paraphernalia. Latimer was booked in for warrant No. 27335 and Possession of Drug paraphernalia.
  • 1400 block Fox Ave. DWI. Officer made contact with complainant, Rosa Cargill in reference to a civil standby. Cargill was observed driving a blue Plymouth van upon her arrival. While speaking with Cargill, she exhibited several indicators of intoxication. Cargill agreed to perform field sobriety, but she did not execute all tests to satisfactorily. Cargill was arrested booked into Moore County Jail for DWI.
  • 1000 block Durrett Ave. Accident – Dispatched in reference to a hit and run. Made contact with the complainant who advised that someone had struck his black 2012 Chevy Tahoe LBQ causing light damage. The complainant advised he was at Willie’s Dance Hall the night before and believes that the damage occurred there. The left side of the left tail light had been struck, and there was no evidence (red lens pieces) on scene to indicate that the incident occurred at the residence. The complainant was issued a Blue Form and given instructions on how to complete it.

June 7

  • 300 block NW 3rd St. Fire/Warrant Service. Officers were dispatched to a structure fire located inside the junkyard. Officers and fire responded and located a male subject identified as Westyn Whetstone inside the yard. Officer spoke with subject, and he informed officer he was just burning items for his grandfather. After identifying subject, Whetstone was run for wants and warrants. Whetstone had an outstanding felony warrant out of Potter County. Whetstone refused to open gate. Officers jumped the fence and placed Whetstone under arrest for Interfere with Public Duties and the warrant No. 68840-E and booked into the Moore County Jail without incident.
  • 200block  W. 1stPossession Drug Paraphernalia – Traffic stop conducted on a 2007 yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Contact was made with vehicle operator, Lorena Carrillo. Vehicle inventory revealed drug paraphernalia (glass pipe and clear plastic baggie). Carrillo was arrested and booked into Moore County Jail for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and issued a citation No. 083568 for No Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance and warning for No front license plate.