JBS to Allow State Health Department to Test Workers


Last Updated on May 13, 2020 – 6:05 PM CDT

Editor’s note: This story has been updated after the previously published Texas Tribune article underwent a major revision. Moore County Journal periodically republishes articles from the Texas Tribune.

The Texas Tribune reported Wednesday afternoon that the JBS Beef meatpacking plant in Cactus was rejecting the state’s offer to test all JBS employees. A few hours later the article was revised saying that JBS had “reversed course”.

According to the revised Texas Tribune article, JBS said Wednesday afternoon that it would work with state health officials to begin testing its roughly 3,000 employees.

Late Wednesday afternoon, after the Tribune reported on the lack of testing, the company issued a new statement saying “we have been in conversations this afternoon to finalize the logistics for the testing, which will happen late next week.”Texas tribune

A link to the revised Texas Tribune article is below.