Moore County Sheriff J.E. “Bo” DeArmond


Last Updated on December 23, 2020 – 9:42 AM CST

Moore County Sheriff J.E. “Bo” DeArmond is retiring as the sheriff of Moore County.

Moore County Sheriff J.E. “Bo” DeArmond, left, with Sheriff-Elect Morgan Hightower – Source: Moore County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff DeArmond has served in law enforcement for 42 years and has served with the Moore County Sheriff’s Office for 32 of those years. He has served as Sheriff for 16 and a half years. He is the longest-serving sheriff in Moore County.

Sheriff DeArmond released the following statement regarding his retirement.

“It has been one of my greatest honors serving the citizens of Moore County as Sheriff. In my time as Sheriff, I have faced many difficult decisions. In those times I have been comforted by knowing that I have the support of some of the greatest citizens in the State of Texas. Throughout the years I have visited with many of you. I have grown to become friends with each of you, and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. I have been honored to serve you throughout the years. I will never forget your unwavering support of me and my staff.” – Sheriff J.E. “Bo” DeArmond