High Demand for Firearms and Self Defense Training as Texans Feel Less Safe


Last Updated on July 12, 2020 – 7:30 PM CDT

Private security companies in Texas are seeing an incredibly high demand for self-defense related training after protests and demonstrations across the nation have turned violent. The videos have flooded social media.

In June, Mark and Patricia McCloskey of St. Louis found their gated community home bombarded with protestors and they took up arms in front of their home and confronted the crowd. Last week police executed a warrant on the couple’s home and seized the rifle that Mr. McCloskey was holding during the incident.

At the end of June, a married couple in Oakland County, Michigan were arrested and charged with felony assault after a video went viral showing the pregnant woman trying to defend herself with a firearm during a confrontation in a restaurant parking lot.

Incidents like these all across the country have caused many to seek advice and professional training on how to best protect themselves and their family when at home and out in public.

In Texas, courses such as License to Carry (LTC), Intro to Handgun Classes for new shooters, and Defense Classes teach Texas law as well as the skills needed to own and operate a firearm. Some organizations even teach more in-depth courses such as the use of force training that is typically only offered to law enforcement personnel.

“The most common question that we are being asked is about what can a person do if
they find themselves in a vehicle that is surrounded and trapped by rioters.” says AJ Sullivan, a Lt. Commander with Texas Defense Force (TDF), a Non-Profit Security Contractor comprised of Citizens, Ex Law Enforcement and Ex Military that provide security services to events and individuals across the state of Texas. The organization recently began publishing public service announcements on its Facebook page to help educate and answer peoples questions.

When asked what is the most basic piece of advice he would give to someone to protect themselves and their family Mr. Sullivan says “Planning and Situational Awareness. You can carry a handgun and walk around the streets of Dallas with your nose buried in your cell phone and that is not going to do you any good at all. You can be completely unarmed and spot a bad situation from a block away and then take steps to avoid it and you will not have to use any sort of force against anyone. It is always better to avoid a situation than to try to fight your way out of it but you need to know how to do both.”

Americans are saying they do not feel safe as violence has erupted across the country and police forces are being reduced or de-funded. This is causing more Americans to invest in their own self-defense. Texas Defense Force is also a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer and says they are experiencing a run on guns and ammo that they have not seen since 2012 after the Sandy Hook shooting. The License to Carry a Handgun course is the most requested course right now according to Mr. Sullivan.

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