Gov Abbott Activates Texas National Guard, State to Receive 15,000 Test Kits This Week


Last Updated on March 17, 2020 – 12:45 PM CDT

Tuesday before starting a conference call with hospitals across the state, Governor Abbott gave a brief COVID-19 update and announced he was fully activating the Texas National Guard to assist as needed. The Governor noted that no deployments were planned at this time and this was in order to prepare for deployments as needed.

In addition, the Governor noted that Texas will receive 15,000 test kits from FEMA this week and by the end of this week will have the capacity to test 10,000 people per week.

Gov. Abbott gave an update on the current stats for the state.

As of March 17, 2020: (Source: Gov. Abbott)
64 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the state
1 Death of a 90-plus-year-old male in Matagorda County, which is near Houston.
1,264 people in Texas have been tested to date

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