Dumas Junior High and JV cross country teams compete at WT


Last Updated on October 10, 2016 – 3:40 PM CDT

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After a long and problematic drive to Canyon for the Lathrop Memorial Cross Country meet at WT, the Dumas Junior High and JV teams showed up in time to compete.

Due to some bus issues, both the boys and girls junior high teams missed their races and had to compete in the JV races. This did not seem to bother our runners. Both teams ran extremely well and were able to beat some of the high school teams (unofficially). Since they were junior high runners, they had to run as individuals and did not count towards a team score, but both teams would have placed fairly well. Our junior high girls team would have beaten three or four JV teams, including two teams in our district.

If our junior high boys team would have been able to run as a team, they would have finished third overall (behind our JV team and Amarillo High’s JV squad), and even had one runner in the top 10, and four runners in the top 25. This shows the huge promise and potential that we have in our program.

Our JV runners were also able to really compete extremely well at WT. Due to the situation of trying to figure out who my top seven runners are for our varsity program, I did not have a full JV girls program, but our individuals ran extremely well. Makayla Casanova narrowly missed out on a medal by one place. If we had a full team, we would have probably finished in the top five or six as a team.

Our JV boys team showed up and dominated the race, placing four in the top 10 and nine in the top 20. The team finished first with a total of 23 points (Second was Amarillo High with 57 points, and third would have been our JH boys with 64 points). This was a huge win for our guys going into the final week of the season, and with the couple of runners that will be moving down from the varsity team, we could be dominant at the district meet and be back-to-back JV District Champions

This was the final race for both our JV and junior high runners before the district meet this weekend. (High School runs on Friday, Junior High runs on Saturday) I believe this was a great way to finish out the season and prepare ourselves for the district meet. I expect nothing less than a couple district championships.

JV Boys Grade Time Place JV Girls Grade Time Place
Alex Hernandez 12 18:42 2nd Makaylah Casanova 11 14:48 16th
Trenton Stephenson 9 19:04 3rd Samantha Oropeza 9 15:11 31st
Erick Romero 10 19:20 7th Syma Mendoza 11 15:14 33rd
David Chavez 9 19:27 9th Monica Hernandez 10 17:45 85th
Michael Gross 10 19:37 12th
Jonas Rivero 11 19:40 13th JH Girls Time Place
Nathaniel Conde 11 19:54 16th Makayla Morales 14:52 20th
William Foran 11 20:17 19th Damita Estrada 15:11 32nd
Ruben Vargas 11 20:21 20th Janely Lozoya 15:55 51st
Josue Rivero 9 21:12 31st Joselyn Hernandez 16:04 58th
Luis Arenivar 9 22:42 48th Heaven Acevedo 16:24 64th
Leslie Chavez 17:58 87th
Joselyn Rubio 18:31 91st
JH Boys Time Place
Aaron Cantu 19:17 6th
Cristian Velarde 20:10 18th
Xavier Soto 20:30 21st
Jonathan Maestas 20:38 23rd
Fabian Morales 22:07 42nd
Christian Gutierrez 22:09 43rd
Josh Hernandez 22:59 52nd
Aiden Gutierrez 23:21 55th
Savastian Cano 23:53 58th
Jeziel Botello 23:59 59th
Felix Ibarra 24:44 62nd
Caed Mild 24:55 64th
Damian Murga 28:48 70th
Jesse Garrett 28:51 72nd
Jonathan Garcia 29:19 74th