Dumas ‘A’ Team takes Ryder Cup


Last Updated on July 14, 2015 – 7:05 PM CDT

Rick Aviña, Head Golf Pro at Pheasant Trails Golf Course, said the Dumas “A” Team took the Ryder Cup on Sunday with 20 points. The Dalhart “A” Team had 12 points.

Aviña said the Dalhart “B” Team will keep the Ryder Cup. They had 16 points, and the Dumas “B” Team had 16 points.

“With this tie, Dalhart ‘B’ Team retains the cup,” Aviña said.

Dalhart won it last year.

The 2015 Ryder Cup kicked off Friday at the Pheasant Trails Golf Course with 24 golfers from Dalhart and 24 from Dumas. The teams began the morning matches with 18 holes of lowball play and then switched to 18 holes of alternate shot in the afternoon. That schedule continued Saturday and then changed to individual matches Sunday.

After about 15 years of friendly competition, Dumas and Dalhart players have kept the Ryder Cup active in the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship, Aviña said. (Courtesy Photos)