Counterfeit money reported again


Last Updated on June 13, 2016 – 8:01 PM CDT

A store clerk called Dumas police because a woman tried to use a counterfeit $10 bill Tuesday. The clerk said the woman told her she didn’t know the bill was counterfeit, but she left the store before police arrived. Police reports show two women also tried to pass $20 and $5 counterfeit bills June 1. One of the woman did manage to pass two $20 bills.

Dumas police also reported the following.

June 6

  • 800 block S. Dumas Ave. – Accident – Dispatched in reference to an accident vehicle vs. building. No injuries to report. Blue form was issued.
  • 1200 block S. Dumas Ave. – Accident – Dispatched in reference to a motor vehicle accident. Contact was made with the drivers who advised they were both northbound in the 1300 block of South Dumas Ave. when Unit 1 (2014 KIA) changed lanes when unsafe and struck Unit 2 (2003 Cadillac). No injuries to report.
  • 500 block Hickory – Check Suspicious – Dispatched in reference to suspicious vehicle in the west alleyway. Made contact with two subjects, and it was confirmed that they were Infinity Communications employees working the cell tower at this location.

June 7

  • 600 block S. Dumas Ave. – Accident – Dispatched in reference to an accident involving three vehicles. A Ford pickup failed to control speed and struck the rear of a Ford cargo van which was stopped for traffic. The Ford van was then pushed forward into a Dodge minivan which was also stopped for traffic. No injuries.
  • 300 block E. 14th– Public Intoxication – Dispatched in reference to several possible intoxicated subjects carrying a person. Upon arrival in the 300 block of East 14th Street, officers located a subject holding another subject on the ground surrounded by several other subjects. Investigation revealed the subjects had been at a party for the carnival employees at McDade Park and began horse playing. However, two intoxicated subjects appeared to start taking it too far, and one subject held another down to stop a possible fight. Both parties advised neither were injured by the other. However, other subjects in the group feared an assault may occur due to their level of intoxication. Both subjects were arrested for Public Intoxication and booked into the Moore County Jail.
  • 1603 block S. Dumas Ave. – Counterfeit Money – Dispatched in reference to counterfeit money. Made contact with the clerk who advised that a customer attempted to use a counterfeit $10 bill. The clerk advised it was a female subject who stated that she was not aware it was counterfeit and left the scene prior to officer’s arrival. No further information. The counterfeit money was booked into evidence at the police department.

June 8

  • 700 block E. 1st– Accident – A white 2004 Chevrolet SUV was stopped, facing east, in the outside lane of the 700 block of East 1st, at a stoplight. A 2002 Maroon Chevrolet Trailblazer was stopped behind the other SUV. A 2007 black Chevrolet pickup was traveling east and approaching the Trailblazer. The driver of the pickup was asleep and struck the rear of the Trailblazer. The occupants of the Trailblazer went to the emergency room by personal vehicle where they were treated and released.
  • 200 block E. 1st– Disorderly Conduct – Officers were dispatched to Memorial Hospital in reference to a female subject being disorderly to employees. Officer arrived and made contact with Mary Ann Dominguez who was sitting in the waiting room. Dominguez was very upset with staff and began cursing and throwing her personal items. She was placed in handcuffs and arrested for Disorderly Conduct Class C, transported to the Moore County Jail and booked without incident.

June 9

  • 200 block N. Dumas Ave. – Traffic/Warrant Service – Conducted a traffic stop in the 200 block of North Dumas Ave. for defective equipment. Upon running the driver (James McDonald) through dispatch it was found that he had three outstanding warrants: one out of Dallas County for B/Theft $50/$500 class B misdemeanor, warrant No. M1166562F, and three out of Moore County: Warrant No. CR-15-0272 (DWLI), Warrant No. CR-15-0273 (No Liability Insurance), Warrant No. CR-15-0273F (Failure to Appear).
  • 200 block W. 1st– Reckless Driver – Dispatched in reference to a red Ford Bronco driving around the area recklessly. Officer canvassed the area in attempt to locate, unable to locate. Complainant did not wish contact.

June 10

  • 700 block Spruce – Warrant Service – Warrant service on Kelly Hutcherson. Warrants confirmed for NO DL, FTA and Forgery.
  • 800 block N. Maddox – Reckless Driver – Dispatched in reference to a reckless driver who was traveling south on Maddox. The area was canvassed, but no vehicle matching the given description, a silver Camaro, was located
  • 208 block N. Dumas – Theft – Contact made with the complainant who advised that his $800 Galaxy S7 Edge had been stolen out of the bathroom of Allsup’s North at approximately 2 a.m. He advised he accidently left it in there while washing his hands, and a female took his phone and left in a red pickup. Serial number obtained and phone entered into NCIC/ TCIC.
  • 800 block S. Dumas Ave. – Accident – Dispatched in reference to an accident. Contact was made with a complainant who advised she and the driver of a second vehicle had backed out of a parking space at the same time which caused an accident. No injuries to report. Blue form was issued.

June 11

  • 600 block N. Meredith – Burglary of a Motor Vehicle – Dispatched in reference to burglary of a vehicle. Contact was made with the complainant who advised at approximately 4 a.m., subject(s) attempted to break into his gold Chrysler van while it was parked in the driveway of his residence
  • 100 block S. Dumas Ave. – Accident – Dispatched in reference to a vehicle accident. Contact was made with the drivers who advised that Unit 2 was southbound in the inside lane of the 100 block of North Dumas Avenue in a Chevrolet Blazer. They further advised that Unit 1 was in the China Star parking lot in the 100 block of North Dumas Avenue, in a 2013 Ford Mustang. Unit 1 advised that a tractor-trailer stopped in the outside lane of the 100 block of North Dumas Avenue and waived him through to enter the roadway. Unit 1 then failed to yield right of way and struck Unit 2 causing left front quarter damage to Unit 1 and front right damage to Unit 2. No injuries to report.
  • 305 block W. 1st– Theft – Dispatched in reference to theft of beer. Arrived and spoke with the complainant who advised that three individuals, one female and two males, went into the store, created a diversion and left with two-18 packs of Michelob Ultra without paying. One of the male subjects was described as Hispanic, heavy set, and wearing a fish net. The second male subject who took the beer is described as Hispanic, short and wearing a blue shirt. There was no description given of the female. The complainant advised they left the scene in a white Dodge Charger traveling east on 1st
  • 900 block Braden – Disturbance – Dispatched in reference to a noise disturbance. Talked to a male subject who advised that he would make everyone go inside.

June 12

  • 100 S. Dumas Ave. – Accident – Observed a 1999 F-350 fail to yield right of way to a 2012 GMC. The GMC entered the light on yellow and struck the F-350 which caused it to drive into a crosswalk machine and strike a stationary 2000 Jeep Wrangler. A 2015 GMC truck was also hit by debris causing paint damage. The driver of the 2012 was taken to the ER by Dumas EMS for minor neck pain. The 2012 and the F-350 were towed.
  • 100 block N. Dumas Ave. – Warrant Service – Warrant service on Teena Martinez out of Potter County. Warrant No. 1437112-1 Failed To Serve Weekends – Theft.
  • 100 block Oak – Loud Music – Dispatched in reference to loud music. Made contact with a male subject and advised him to turn down the music.