Counterfeit money arrest, domestic disturbances, thefts among Dumas police reports


Last Updated on December 30, 2015 – 5:48 PM CST

A man got away with using counterfeit $20 bills to pay for a Visa prepaid car at a Dumas convenience store, but when he returned to do it again, Dumas police officers arrested him.

The police report says a store clerk in the 300 block of East 19th Street told officers that on Thursday, Simkins tried to use two counterfeit $20 bills to buy a Visa prepaid car. Simkins told police he and his girlfriend had been shopping all day in Borger and Dumas, and he didn’t know where he got the counterfeit bills.

The police found out that the store’s bank had returned four counterfeit $20 bills, and a clerk said Simkins had been in the store Wednesday and paid for a Visa card with counterfeit bills. Officers compared the serial numbers on the bills the bank returned with the bills Simkins had in his possession, and they matched.

Simkins was arrested and booked into the Moore County Jail for forgery.

December 21

  • Dispatched to 600 E 1st in reference to a criminal mischief. It was stated that unknown person had shot the west drive thru window with possibly a BB gun or a pellet gun.
  • Dispatched to the 100 block of Elm in reference to harassment. Complainant stated that a Mexico phone number has called her pretending to be her cousin, and she wanted officers to contact the number and advise them to stop. She was advised that she needed to let them know that the authorities have been contacted and then block the number. Officer did attempt to make contact with number but there was not answer.
  • Dispatched to 600 block of Binkley in reference to criminal mischief. Contact was made with complainant who advised that at about 1 p.m. he was sleeping in his car, which was parked curbside in front of his residence, when he heard loud knocking on the front door of the residence. He further advised that he observed two unknown male subjects forcefully kicking his front door, which caused damage to the door frame. Complainant then said that the subjects then entered a white 4-door passenger vehicle and left the scene northbound. Subjects were not located.
  • Dispatched to 600 block of North Maddox in reference to a prowler. Spoke with complainant who stated that an unknown male subject in a red Expedition had come to the residence and peeked inside and then left. She stated that she then saw the vehicle pass by four more times very slowly. Close patrol completed.
  • Vehicle traveling south attempted to turn east into the Walmart parking lot and turned in front of vehicle traveling north.
  • Dispatched to the 700 block of Oak in reference to a domestic disturbance. Parties were separated and were told to come to the police department to provide statements. Investigation to continue.
  • Dispatched to 1000 block of South Dumas Avenue in reference to problems with some subjects who were not supposed to be at that location. Contact was made with Annette Rodriguez, Tim Eudy and Gloria Sauceda who advised that they had permission from their friend to stay at the hotel but that the landlord did not want them there. All subjects left with no further incident. Everything OK.
  • Dispatched to South Maddox in reference to a motor vehicle accident. Contact was made with drivers who advised that unit 2 failed to yield right of way at the intersection of East 11th and South Maddox causing the mva. The driver of unit 2 was transported by EMS to Memorial Hospital.
  • Dispatched to 1800 block of East 1st in reference to problems with neighbor. Contact was made with complainant who advised his neighbor had been knocking loudly at his door. It was determined that due to the fact that his neighbor was intoxicated, he was confused as to which apartment was his. Everything was OK.

December 22

  • Dispatched to the 500 block of Cedar in reference to subject being shot with a pellet gun. Contact made with Jacklyn Palma who stated she had been in an argument with her mother, Gloria Aguirre, who left the residence on foot and fled to house across the street where she was observed by the owner to dump a glass pipe. Gloria was located in the 600 block of Cedar in the west alley on foot and was observed stumbling and had bloodshot eyes and an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath. Gloria was determined to be a danger to herself and was taken into custody and booked for Public Intoxication and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

December 23

  • Dispatched in reference to domestic disturbance in the 1300 block of Bruce. Contact was made with residence, and it was determined that the adult son was arguing with his family. He did not reside at the residence and was issued a criminal trespass warning for the residence.
  • Dispatched in reference that a possible intoxicated subject that had just left Pak a Sak on foot. Officers were unable to locate.
  • Dispatch to the100 block of North Dumas Avenue in reference to a 911 miss dial. Upon arrival, contact was made with store employees, who advised that everything is OK. Nothing further.
  • Officer was dispatched to the 800 block of Miller in reference to a possible subject who was trespassing on the property. Officer arrived and was unable to make contact with anyone at the residence.
  • Dispatched to the 300 block of Mills in reference to an audible alarm. Cleared residence and contacted caller’s wife. Found to be false alarm.

December 24

  • Officer was dispatched to the 1300 block of Morton in reference to a possible intoxicated subject. Officer arrived and located Eric Trujillo walking on the sidewalk. Officer spoke to Trujillo, and he was just trying to get home because his friends were too drunk to drive, so he was walking home.
  • Conducted traffic stop on white passenger car with Oklahoma plates. Driver was removed and stated they were smoking weed and that he swallowed the roach. Back passenger Aime Girard was removed and stated she had “wax” in her purse. Located the THC(6g) wax and Shrooms(17g) in her seat. She was arrested for on view charges.
  • Dispatch to the 2000 block of South Dumas Avenue in reference to a phone harassment. Upon arrival, contact was made with complainant who advised that she keeps receiving text messages from an identified person. The complainant advised that she has told the person to stop, but would keep doing it. Contact was made with the female via phone and was informed to leave the complainant alone or charges would be filed for Phone Harassment. Nothing further.
  • Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Zauk in reference to a gas meter that had been struck. It was advised that a witness had observed a blue/grey van strike the gas meter and then flee the scene.
  • Dispatched in reference to a theft. Contact made with complainant who advised that her ex-boyfriend had recently moved out, and when moving, he took a Mossberg International .22 long rifle with 16.5-inch barrel and a Savage Arms 93R17 bolt action rifle and a black Samsung Galaxy S4 that did not belong to him. No serial numbers available at this time. Investigation to continue.
  • Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Plum in reference to a 911 open line sounded like a possible fight. Contact at residence where they were playing guitar and having a party. Everything OK
  • Officer was dispatched to the 700 block of North Meredith in reference to a welfare check on two children. Officer arrived and spoke with the children to make sure they were doing OK. Both children were OK and were enjoying Christmas.
  • Dispatched to the 1600 block of Binkley in reference to possible shots fired or fireworks. Upon arrival, contact was made with some juveniles and was advised that subjects from this location were throwing fireworks out the front door. Made contact with residents and advised them that it was a COV, and they advised that they understood. Nothing further.
  • Dispatched to 200 block of Denton in reference to a disturbance between brothers. Upon arrival ,contact was made with both parties who advised they have been arguing over personal matters. One party was ready to gather some belongings and left for the night to ensure that there would be no other issues.
  • Observed a white Impala prowling the area of 1600 Binkley. The vehicle had a defective tail lamp and failed to signal distance at 14th and Binkley. A traffic stop was initiated for the violations. The vehicle evaded officers and then finally stopped at a residence in the 1200 block of Beard. Jose Castro was found to be the driver, and a juvenile passenger was also present. The child was released, and Castro was arrested for Evading, Endangering, and DWLI.
  • Dispatched to the 1300 block of NE 2nd in reference to a possible domestic disturbance. Made contact with all parties, and investigation disclosed that all parties were arguing and were uncooperative during investigation. No offense was confirmed.
  • Dispatched to the 1600 block of South Dumas Ave for a female subject disoriented. The female was found to be disorientated, and EMS transported her to Memorial Hospital’s ER.

December 25

  • Dispatched in reference to a motor vehicle versus pedestrian accident. A female had been struck by a black 2009 GMC Yukon driven by a male subject. It was advised that there was a disagreement, and the female left on foot. When the male party located the female, she pushed away from the vehicle and then slipped and was struck by the vehicle. She was transported to Memorial Hospital by EMS for a fractured right leg.
  • Report of a hit-and-run accident in the Walmart parking lot.
  • Checked out a vehicle in the 700 block of South Porter that was stuck in a snow drift. Officers pushed the vehicle from the snow drift, by hand with the help of other citizens.

December 26

  • Dispatched in reference to an unknown problem. Arrived and spoke with male subject who advised that he had smoked marijuana and now believes that people are trying to kill him. He also stated that he hears his father’s voice speaking to him. He was transported to Memorial Hospital ER for a evaluation. MHMR Long arrived later and determined that he should be admitted into a facility. He was later transported by Officer Garza.
  • Dispatched in reference to a theft. Loss Prevention Officer had a female detained in the Loss Prevention Office. It was advised that she had gone past the last point of sale with merchandise. She was issued a citation for theft.
  • Officers observed a vehicle parked on the shoulder off Highway 87/287 with hazard lights turned on. Officers assisted individual to Valero for gas. Everything was OK. Nothing further.
  • Officers noticed there was some roadway debris in the middle of the street in the 400 block of East 5th. Officers cleared the debris from roadway. Nothing further.

December 27

  • Traffic stop was made on a Ford pickup at about 3:30 a.m. for defective head lamp. Vehicle had front-end damage, Officers were able to determine that the damage was caused somewhere in the county. Contact was made with Leopoldo Vela. Vela had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath and/or person and appeared to be intoxicated. Vela was transported to the Moore County Jail for driving while license invalid and possession of paraphernalia. Vela was booked in for DWI.








  1. The first incident that happened on December 25 is FALSE!!! I didn’t not slip… I was run over and then left there on the road with a broken leg!!!! People passing by stopped and called for help!!

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