City of Cactus to Build $3.25 Million Aquatic Park


Last Updated on November 2, 2020 – 12:37 PM CST

The City of Cactus announced Friday that they will be partnering with local industry leader JBS to build the new Cactus Aquatic Park. The city was the recipient of a grant provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife in the amount of $500,000, a grant which requires a 100% matching contribution. JBS committed to the matching portion under its Hometown Strong Initiative Program of $500,000.

At Wednesday’s meeting, representatives from JBS were on hand to present the city with a check for $500,000. Those present were Cassie Hataway, Ryan Wagnon, Yulibeth Rocha, and Angela Navarrette of JBS; council members Cleo Castro, Raul Ceniceros, Astolfo Venzor, Adan Estrada, and Lorenzo Castaneda; Mayor Socorro Marquez; and City Manager Aldo Gallegos.

“This donation shows that industry, JBS, is committed to our community, and our plans for our future. We have been saving for a long time so we can bring this new pool to our city, so every extra dollar helps. It’s going to be a great addition, and it will benefit not only Cactus residents but all of Moore County”, Mayor Socorro Marquez.

With a final budget price of $3,250,000, remaining costs not covered by grants or donations will be provided for by a combination of accrued city funds and loans. The new aquatic center is scheduled to open in Summer 2022.