Cactus library gets $50,000 facelift


Last Updated on January 11, 2016 – 10:21 PM CST

The Cactus Branch Library is getting a bit of a designer’s touch as furniture and renovations funded by a grant go in place. Moore County Library Director Deborah Skinner secured almost $50,000 from the Tocker Foundation, which was established to help small Texas libraries, and she used it to improve the library visually, create more space and make it comfortable for the patrons.

“We had high school kids who were having to sit in chairs designed for 3-year-olds,” Skinner said. “The Cactus library is a popular place for young people to go, and we want to make sure it’s an inviting place.”

Skinner used the grant money to buy furniture, chairs and tabletops for the computer stations, bookshelf upgrades and accessories for a room that will no doubt be a favorite hangout for teens. Moore County Maintenance Supervisor Miguel Rivera is converting an empty storage room into what looks like a 1950s malt shop. Skinner bought a red booth, chrome table and other pieces, pulling all of it together into a scheme she says will give the popular library more appeal.

“More young people attend programs at the Cactus branch than in Dumas,” Skinner said. “They have movie night there once a month, and it’s full. They’re there throughout the week, using the computers or accessing our WiFi. They read and just hang out. It’s a safe place for them to be. It should also be a comfortable place.”

Upgrades at the Cactus library include renovation of the bookshelves and art on the walls.













Moore County Maintenance Supervisor MIguel Rivera, front, and Raul Avila work on converting an empty storage room into a space for teens. Malt shop themed furniture is already in the room.